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Helping you turn your abs back on with highly effective, postpartum healing, Pilates-inspired workouts

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I'm Emma

I’m a mom, Postpartum Pilates Specialist and Ab Expert. I'm passionate about helping postpartum women like you to heal your body post birth and strengthen your core from within so that you can fall back in love with your body, regain your strength, and FEEL your absolute best!

I believe that as mothers, we've been badly let down by both the fitness industry and the healthcare industry. We're taught to "modify" or "just do kegels" and it simply isn't enough to truly rebuild our cores after birth.

I'm here to show you that there's a better, more effective way!

Discover your

Do you feel a bit like your insides are falling out when you pick up your child?! I used to feel exactly like that too. 

Until I discovered how to safely and effectively recondition my core again after birth.

You CAN rebuild your core strength!


What I offer...

Whether you are six weeks postpartum or twenty years,
these programs will help you heal your core once and for all


A self paced
Pilates-inspired 6 week full body program for mums


Group zoom postpartum classes to help keep you on track with your reconditioning process


Work 1-1 with me either in person or via zoom for an individualized program and ultimate results!

Learn how to flatten your stomach
in just a few minutes a day

Want to know how to strengthen your core, flatten your tummy, reduce back pain and so much more in just a few minutes a day? 

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