The Bromley Method


Having been teaching Pilates for 10 years, it wasn’t until 5 years ago when I had my daughter that I REALLY started to witness the true power of Pilates.

Pre pregnancy I was in great shape, I had grand plans for an unmedicated birth, I’d done all my homework, I was feeling confident AF. My dreams were shattered when an emergency c-section quickly became the only safe option. I was absolutely devastated. What about my Teaser? What about my Roll Ups and my Hundreds? A year later I was still home with my baby, unable to feel my own abs, and I still had a 4 finger diastasis (abdominal separation about as severe as it gets) and 2 pregnancy related hernias.

As a Pilates instructor, that was mortifying. I had absolutely no time to myself, let alone to reclaim my body. I was so depressed and knew I needed to get back to teaching no matter what my body looked like at first. So I had the hernias repaired and got back to work. I got back to teaching, and I got back to working on myself.

But I realized that the information out there about abdominal separation was conflicting and confusing. So I went down a research rabbit hole, learning from doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, other Pilates instructors, and one thing became abundantly clear to me. I had neglected my pelvic floor. I had failed to realize that in order for the core to function correctly after birth, the pelvic floor must first be retrained. 

That following year I worked hard on my pelvic floor, and quickly started to feel stronger and more confident than I had ever done in my life.

It’s my passion to inspire you to move smarter; so that you too can become more comfortable in your own body - literally. I can help you feel your abs again!

Want to have a stronger core, a flatter tummy, to stand taller and move through your life with more ease?


The Pelvic Floor is the CORE of your core. It is the center from which everything else radiates out. The pelvic floor must function correctly in order for the rest of your core to work efficiently.

When your entire core is functioning efficiently, everything will feel easier. You will stand taller, feel stronger, move with more ease, and notice a flatter, more ‘sucked in’ tummy. 

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Working out with Emma has become my favorite day of the week! It’s an incredible thing to have someone cheerleading you, prepared with a workout customized to help you meet your goals each week. I didn’t know if Pilates would be challenging enough of a workout for me (coming from circuit training and weights). Emma changed my mind about that! I am challenged every week and Pilates has transformed my body! Emma also helped me fix back pain associated with scoliosis and I have gained so much flexibility!”

- Bethany F

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