My Crohn's Story

crohn's Jun 07, 2023

...and the things I've learned so far (including the aloe tonic i'm obsessed with).


I’ve been MIA a little bit lately because I’ve been going through some health issues. Hello FORTIES!


I’ve been getting a LOT of questions about my recent diagnosis, so I thought I should cover what I’ve learnt so far here in case it’s helpful to you, or someone you know.


I’d never even heard of Crohn’s until recently, but everyone I speak to seems to know someone with it, and knowledge builds knowledge so here we are.


First a little back story about my health history, and I also feel it’s worth mentioning that we Brits are very much “keep calm and carry on”, which I can only assume is the reason why I didn’t get diagnosed until age 42 while everyone else seems to get diagnosed with it in their teens.


I started having REALLY terrible gut issues when I was in my early 20s. I remember it well because I...

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