Tips for C-Section Scar Healing

c-section postpartum Dec 10, 2021

Where are all my fellow c-section mammas at..?


For decades i had dreamed of a beautiful, unmedicated home birth. But due to a complicated pregnancy, i had accepted the fact that a hospital birth was the safest option for me. I came well prepared with an incredible doula, birthing techniques, breathing techniques, pre natal yoga, pre natal pilates, all the things. After 20 hours of unmedicated labor, the mention of an emergency c-section was more disappointment than i could ever have imagined. If you’ve been there too then you know. But we did it! We did what we needed to do to keep ourselves and our babies safe. We are brave. We are strong. We are RESILIENT.


Most likely a c-section wasn’t what you chose for your own birth story either. But we birthed. We became mammas. And it was beautiful and stunning and we got through it. I cried through mine. I cried because it wasn’t how i wanted things to go. I cried because i felt like a failure. But i...

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