What can a SHOE teach us about our core?!

Do you know what a shoe and your core have in common?!


First, a quick anatomy lesson:

  1. When you do a crunch or a sit-up, you are using your rectus or 6-pack abs. They run vertically up and down the front of your stomach.
  2. When you do a low pressure ab exercise, you are using your transverse or corset or wraparound abs. They wrap all the way around your waist, even around the back!


Which one of the above do you think resembles pulling your shoelaces tight?


It’s okay. I’ll wait while you ponder on it…



That’s right. It’s number 2. When you tie your shoelaces tight, it makes your shoe tighter. It makes it really nice and snug around your foot. Vs, pulling the tongue of your shoe (your 6 pack abs), which does nothing to make the shoe fit any tighter.


When you train your transverse abs with low pressure core exercises, you are essentially tying your shoelaces tight around your midsection. Making your tummy smaller and smaller, and tighter and tighter. No amount of sit-ups or crunches will EVER do that for you.


So despite the fact that low pressure ab exercises might not FEEL as intense as a sit-up, they are actually MUCH more effective!


I made a video on instagram so that you can see it in action here.


Want all the low pressure ab exercises you could ever need? They’re all in my bestselling Mama Method program. And since we are postpartum forever, (your abs don’t care if you gave birth forty years ago!) it’s never too late to start!


Emma xo


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