How to lose inches off your waist without dieting

pelvic floor postpartum Feb 06, 2023

You will never hear me preaching about weight loss, or dieting, or “bouncing back”. Those aren’t phrases I ever use because I’m passionate about teaching women that when we focus instead on teaching the body how to FUNCTION at its absolute best, we will feel so much more capable, aligned, alive. The rest will fall into place.


Stay with me here, because I know you’re thinking “skinny bitch. What does she know? How can she possibly help me?” Hear me out because I have a track record for helping other women lose multiple inches off their waistline, because despite what many women think, those extra inches are not always “weight” related.


While bloating can very often be food related, as a pelvic floor expert I see all too often that a weak pelvic floor also has a huge effect on the way our midsection looks and very often is a major contributor to “belly bulge”. The pelvic floor is the literal foundation of your core, and if you’ve been doing all the crunches with a weak pelvic floor and wondering why you aren’t getting the results you thought you would, there’s a really good chance your pelvic floor needs some attention first.


I want to share some before/after photos from some of my students with you, purely for the purpose of encouraging you as to what is possible. Now notice that these women have not “lost weight” per se. If you look at their arms, you will see that the only part of their body that has changed shape much is their midsection. So by using the techniques I teach, they have been able to completely resculpt their core. By changing the way they breathe, and by using low pressure Ab exercises, they have all lost many inches off their waists! I hope these photos inspire you and motivate you to keep pushing forward!

(These women were several years postpartum in the first picture, and around 3-5 months after starting the Postpartum Protocol in the second pictures).


So many of us think that training the pelvic floor means “just doing Kegels” but it’s actually so much more than that. Having a strong pelvic floor and core improves posture, strength, and when done correctly actually eliminates belly bulge. And who doesn’t feel more confident with a flatter, stronger tummy?!


My 6 week online program teaches you ALL of the techniques required to do this. I teach you how to get the breath right FIRST. And then we move on to learning how to incorporate the breath into everything else that we do and how to USE it to build a stronger core than you ever thought was possible. So that by the end, you know how to incorporate it into your running, your spinning, your cross fitting, even carrying your real-life 50lb “kettlebells” easily!


If you’re already in the Mama Method, I want to encourage you to be consistent. If you did the first two weeks and then dropped off because you thought “how can this possibly make any difference?”, I want to assure that it DOES but you need to give it longer than 2 weeks! It takes 4-6 weeks of doing anything consistently to start noticing change in the body. And that goes for any new kind of workout.


If you’ve not yet started, I want to inspire you to get going.


One of my students said to me recently “if i have time for social media and tv, I have time for this!” It’s so true. We MAKE time for what’s important to us.


So I want to encourage and inspire you, that without a diet in sight, you absolutely CAN lose inches off your waist if you are willing to put in the work.


Are you ready?? Come and join me today, because as we all know, tomorrow never actually comes!


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