Want to learn how to flatten your mummy tummy?!

You’ve heard me say it a thousand times on instagram “your breath is the most important piece of the puzzle”, but WHY exactly is it so important??


During pregnancy the front of our ribcage must flare out in order to make space for our growing baby. Remember how it became more and more difficult to breathe towards the end of your pregnancy..? We basically all forget HOW to breathe during pregnancy.


After pregnancy, when the bottom of the ribcage remains flared out in the front, it causes the stomach to also protrude. It is not possible to get a truly flat stomach if the ribcage is still flared.


Look at the image below 👇🏻. This is a student of mine. I've put the arrows on there so that you can see the difference in ribcage flare. Look at the difference in the angle of the arrow. It might not look like much, but it makes a HUGE difference to the shape of your midsection. We have almost entirely corrected it due to correcting the BREATHING MECHANICS!! The line of the stomach will follow the line of the ribcage. So when I say "the breathing is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART" I am really not kidding!


Some of us quickly remember how to breathe properly after we give birth. But the majority of us do not. Which is why we’ve all come to believe that a “mummy tummy”, “fupa”, “mom pooch”, whatever you like to call it, is a normal part of being a mom. It is extremely common, but it’s actually something that can be fixed relatively easily with the right know-how and consistency.


SO… how do we fix this issue? By fixing the way we breathe and bringing our breathing mechanics back to where it was pre-pregnancy.


I personally spent several years postpartum not fully understanding just how important the breath was. And that’s why I had a mom-pooch for many years before realizing that I could in fact do something about it, instead of just resigning myself to it.


My 6 week online program teaches you ALL of the techniques required to do this. I teach you how to get the breath right FIRST. And then we move on to learning how to incorporate the breath into everything else that we do. So that by the end, you know how to incorporate it into your running, your spinning, your cross fitting, even carrying your real-life 50lb “kettlebells” easily!


But at the very least, I know we all have time to do the 5 minute breathing technique each day. One of my students said to me this week “if i have time for social media and tv, I have time for this!” It’s so true. We MAKE time for what’s important to us.


You’ve got this mama. Emma xo



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