6 Things I Wish Women Were Taught About Their Bodies

I wish I'd been more informed prior to embarking on the journey to motherhood. It’s now my passion to make sure others have all the info they need. Here are some of my latest musings…


1. “Postpartum” doesn’t end after 6 weeks.

The idea that the “postpartum phase” is technically only the first 6 weeks after birth is misguiding, and sets women up for feelings of inadequacy. It’s an unrealistic standard placed on mothers by society. In reality, it very often takes 1-2 years (sometimes more) to recover from 10 months of pregnancy + childbirth


2. There’s no such thing as “bouncing back”.

Let’s stop using the phrase “bounce back” and let’s stop expecting that of our bodies. Instead let’s focus on bouncing FORWARD, embracing and celebrating all that we’ve become, and working to become the strongest, most capable versions of our NEW selves.


3. Peeing your pants when you run, jump or sneeze is extremely common, but it’s NOT normal.

Women have been led to believe that this is something they must “tolerate” as part of being a mother. It’s a MYTH and is actually surprisingly easy to fix with the RIGHT exercises. Let’s start normalizing core and pelvic floor rehab so that we can empower ourselves and stop this nonsense!


4. Everyone experiences diastasis recti in the 3rd trimester.

The important thing is HOW we train our core after birth so that we can bring our abs back together. Going too hard too soon (which is what I did) will make it worse. Again, let’s normalize core and pelvic floor rehab after birth.


5. Having a baby can make you feel like a stranger in your own body.

Growing a baby inside you changes you. We gain weight, our hormones undergo a massive shift, our internal organs get rearranged and even our brain changes too. Becoming a mother is a huge change, both mentally and physically. There is no going “back”. Only forward.


6. Losing weight isn’t the best way to flatten your tummy.

Many women think that a bulging tummy is due to “bloating” or “excess weight” when in actual fact it’s more likely to be due to incorrect breathing patterns, improper pelvic floor function, and a weak core. So under eating ain’t your answer.


What else would you add to this list?


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Emma xo


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