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strong mamma

Learn how to build strength and endurance while still continuing to protect your pelvic floor with these highly effective home workouts for moms. (Not for the faint hearted!!)

the bromley method

Strong As A

the bromley method If you’ve already healed your core post-birth, and you now want harder, more challenging workouts that still keep your pelvic floor in mind so that you can continue to reap the benefits of all the hard work you’ve already done, but that build your absolute strongest, fiercest body yet, this all new Strong Mamma Method is for you!

I'll Teach You...

best abs yet
  • How to incorporate both low AND high pressure ab exercises into your workout routines for your best abs yet!
  • How to use weights to strengthen your entire body in a way that keeps your pelvic floor safe
  • How to take your workouts to the next level!
  • How to use the pilates ring to create extreme workout BURN!
  • How to do hard workouts whilst still keeping leaking and pelvic floor dysfunction at bay
  • How to craft your strongest, fiercest body yet!

Your core will always function differently after you’ve given birth. So if you’ve already put in all the work to heal your core from things like leaking, diastasis, prolapse, painful sex, low back pain etc, how do you make sure those things don’t return at a later date?

Leaking can always return. A diastasis can always split back open. A prolapse can recur. So by making sure to COMBINE the low pressure ab exercises from the Postpartum Protocol with the more challenging high pressure ab exercises of pre-pregnancy we can maintain BALANCE in the core, and continue to keep those symptoms at bay.

These workouts are TOUGH. But they also have your best pelvic floor interests at heart!

program benefits


program benefits
  • 4 week comprehensive workout calendar, with all your workouts laid out for you each day (trust me, you are going to want to repeat this 4 week cycle again and again!)
  • 4 different calendars to choose from: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and a Hybrid calendar (for those wanting to transition a bit more cautiously from the Postpartum Protocol program)
  • Full body program with a strong emphasis on building extreme core strength
  • Mix n match 10-20 minute body part workouts to squeeze into your busy day - so no excuses!
  • Bonus: full length, full body workouts for when you have more time
  • Easy to navigate workout library with full follow along video workouts
  • Access to my members-only facebook group for accountability and connection with other mammas

the person
the program

Pilates Instructor, Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Mom, founder of The Bromley Method and creator of the Postpartum Protocol, Emma creates programs that blend Pilates, Physical Therapy and Strength Training for optimum results.

As someone who had a severe 4 finger diastasis herself (postpartum ab separation about as severe as it gets), she knows too well that the core functions differently after birth. By initially switching out her Pilates core exercises for Physical Therapy core exercises, she was able to completely heal her core, close up her diastasis and lift heavy things effortlessly again.

Just as when you train your glutes to get a great looking firm butt, once you achieve the butt you desire you don’t just stop doing those exercises and hope it sticks. No. You keep doing them.

It’s the same with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (leaking, diastasis, prolapse etc). Once you heal from those things, if you stop doing those exercises you used to heal, those issues will very likely return. So for those who have healed from PFD, this program keeps all of those incredibly effective core healing exercises, but also builds from there, also adding in high pressure, high intensity core exercises so that the core can remain balanced, healed, and the strongest you’ve ever felt!

fiercest body yet

this program
is perfect for you if...

You’ve already healed your core postpartum, and now want next steps to level-up your fitness routine without losing all the good work you’ve done

You are more than 1 year postpartum

You need a program that removes all the guesswork and lays everything out for you each day

You want expert guidance from someone who knows exactly how the body functions after birth

You want a community of other like minded mums who are on a similar journey

You are ready to step into your power and create the strongest, most capable body you’ve ever lived in.

You’re ready to feel INCREDIBLE!!

are you

Strong Mamma Method

Lifetime Access

4 Week Workout Calendar

Video Workout Library

Private Accountability Group

$147 One Time Payment


How soon after giving birth can I start this program?

This program is not recommended for those less than 1 year postpartum.

What equipment do I need for this program?

Magic Circle (Pilates ring)
2 sets of dumbbells (1 medium, 1 heavy)
Foam roller (any length)
Leg weights (ideally adjustable weight)

Is this an app or a website?

It’s both and you can choose whichever works best for you. The live links in the calendar work directly with the desktop version but you can still follow the calendar with the app also.

How long do I get access for?

You get lifetime access and the calendar is so varied that trust me, you are going to want to repeat this calendar many times over! These exercises don’t get easier, they get BETTER!!

I still have a small diastasis. Can I do this program?

If you have completed the Postpartum Protocol, your diastasis is 1.5 fingers or less AND you are able to fully engage your core to a level 3 whilst doing a crunch without any ab separation, then you can absolutely do this program. Just know that a diastasis healing is never finite. It can ebb and flow, so please listen to your body and back off from anything that feels like too much pressure on your core.

How long are the workouts?

The majority of the workouts are 10-20 minutes and each focus on one body part (i.e arms, abs, lower body) and can be mixed and matched to create infinite versions of a full body workout. There are also some bonus full length, full body workouts, some low impact cardio workouts and some full stretch routines.

How do I know which workout to do each day?

All of the workouts are laid out in a 4 week calendar so just pick which level of calendar you’d like to follow, and then just click on the links for that day and it takes you straight to each workout.

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