30 Days To


Your Pelvic Floor

Learn the strategies you need to strengthen the core of your core in just 10 minutes a day!

Did you know that back pain can be caused by a weak pelvic floor?

Learn how to lengthen, strengthen, and get your abs firing properly again.


You Can Have Your Core Back

Learn the formula to building a strong core from the foundation up:

  • Stop leaking when you laugh or sneeze.
  • Stop throwing your back out when you lift something heavy.
  • Eliminate back pain.
  • Flatten your tummy.
  • Do high impact cardio without feeling like your vagina is falling out.
  • No longer experience painful sex.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In Restore, you’ll learn how to finally take control of your core, your pelvic floor, and your low back


In The Next 30 Days, You Could…

  • Finally be pain free
  • Have a significantly stronger core and flatter stomach
  • Be moving your body and lifting with ease

The right kind of pelvic floor training makes all the difference. This is by no means the same as doing Kegels!



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Are You Ready To Take Back Control of Your Body?

This 30 day challenge will teach you everything you need to know to get your pelvic floor fully functional again and build the foundation of a core you can be excited about. You’ll learn how to:

  • Release a tight pelvic floor
  • Strengthen a weak pelvic floor
  • Strengthen and integrate your core

In just 10 minutes a day and no Kegels in sight, your brand new pelvic floor is about to change your life!

What's Included In  Restore ...

30 Day Challenge

10 minutes a day

Designed for those who want a strong & flexible pelvic floor, and a strong core, this program asks for only 10 minutes of your time per day.

Notice results after just 7 days!

    • Beginner friendly
    • Guided video classes with one challenge per day
    • 10 minutes per day for 30 days
    • No calendar required
    • Prenatal modifications
    • Lifetime access

You’ll finish the 30 days with a better understanding of exactly what your core needs in order to function efficiently, and a solid foundation in your core from which to build the strongest version of you! 

 Restore  Is For You If...

  • You've been doing all the Kegels but they aren't making any difference
  • You're tired of low back pain
  • Sit ups and crunches aren't having the same effect they used to
  • Sex and tampons cause you pain and/or discomfort
  • You're ready to learn a new way

I'm Emma Bromley

Single mom, IVF mamma, small business owner and "that pelvic floor girl". I was told I'd never get rid of my mommy-tummy or fix my severe diastasis without surgery. But I'm a Virgo so I take pride in proving people wrong!

I've been teaching Pilates for 12 years, but since having my daughter 7 years ago and experiencing severe diastasis among other postpartum symptoms, I've learnt from some of the country's best physical therapists on how to rehab the core and pelvic floor for incredible results - no matter how old you are, or how long ago you gave birth.


30 Days to Restore

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