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Do you want to be able to jump on a trampoline again??

Learn how to heal from common postpartum dysfunctions so that you can feel like yourself again and discover your true postpartum strength! 

the bromley method

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the bromley method

Are you experiencing things like leaking, mommy-tummy, diastasis, back and pelvic pain, prolapse, intercourse pain etc?

The Postpartum Protocol will teach you everything you need to know about how to properly heal and reactivate your core no matter how long ago you gave birth so that you can say goodbye to these annoying symptoms.

This is a system of highly effective, low pressure pelvic floor conditioning and core healing that goes far beyond traditional kegels and ab exercises.

imagine if you could...

whole new you
  • Run, jump and sneeze without peeing your pants
  • Lift your big kids without throwing your back out
  • Flatten your stubborn mommy-tummy 
  • Finally heal your Diastasis Recti (ab separation)
  • No longer experience painful sex
  • Feel stronger in your core than ever before!!

Your pelvic floor is the foundation of your core

...and when it has been weakened or compromised, it will affect your entire core.

Think about when the walls of a house bow outwards when the foundation has been damaged. Exactly the same thing happens to your mid section when the pelvic floor foundation becomes weakened either through time or from childbirth. 

Society puts so much pressure on us to "get our pre-baby bodies back", when in actual fact we should be celebrating and respecting our bodies - helping them to heal and recover safely so that we don't have to pee our pants every time we laugh or run with the kids.

"Kegels" became popular in the 1950s, but we now know that they are by no means the most effective way to train your pelvic floor.

Let me show you a MUCH more effective way to recondition and restrengthen your entire body correctly, efficiently and with a specific strategy so that you can get back to all the workouts you loved, safely and stronger than before!

program benefits

what's inside

program benefits
  • 12 week calendar with all your workouts laid out for you each day, building in intensity week by week
  • Full Body program with a strong emphasis on rebuilding the core
  • Mix n match 10-30 minute workouts to squeeze into your busy day
  • 3 phase workout library with full follow along video workouts
  • Bonus: C-section scar healing PDF guide
  • Optional: Live group classes

See what other mammas are saying...

emma bromley

Pilates Instructor, Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Mom, and founder of The Bromley Method. Emma has taught hundreds of postpartum women both online and in person how to heal from common postpartum dysfunctions like diastasis, leaking, back and pelvic pain, intercourse pain and so much more, so that they can discover their true postpartum potential, and feel stronger and more confident than ever before.

Having experienced and healed from many of the above herself, she is passionate about educating women that these things do not have to be a part of our new normal as mothers, and that with the right healing exercises we absolutely can jump on a trampoline again without discomfort!

Women have been massively let down by both the fitness and the healthcare industry, but it's never too late to change that!

take a peek
into the modules



In the first 4 weeks, we'll be working very specifically to develop proper breathing habits and to reconnect the diaphragm with the core, whilst also working the entire body.



In weeks 5-8 we'll be building in intensity and strength, still focusing heavily on core control and engagement, but starting to work the body a bit harder.



In weeks 9-12 we'll work on getting the body ready to get back to all those pre pregnancy workouts you know and love, and have you feeling strong in muscles you never even knew you had!

celebrate your body

this program
is perfect
for you if...

You've tried to “adapt” your pre pregnancy fitness routines, but you aren’t seeing the results you used to

You know you want to celebrate and respect your body - helping it to heal and recover safely so you don’t have to pee your pants every time you laugh or run with the kids

You want guidance and expertise to help you finally heal your diastasis

You're tired of fitness programs that make your low back and your core feel worse

You're ready to throw out everything you thought you knew about postpartum workouts

You want to finally feel like the strongest, most capable version of yourself

client stories



My low back pain hasn't been an issue for weeks, any my pelvic "heaviness" (is my vagina falling out?) has also faded into the past. Emma's experience and expertise is evident throughout the program. 10/10 recommend!


Karen Bronson

Between bed rest and a difficult postpartum period I was arguably the weakest i've ever been when I started this program. I am happy to report I am finally starting to feel stronger! My core is active again and my pelvic floor is significantly stronger! I have loved the live classes and the homework is super manageable but effective. I wish every postpartum mama knew about this!

Haley Anne

It's been 9 weeks and by body has seen a huge change! My belly is flatter, my core feels integrated, and I can actually feel my abs when I work out. I can run without leaking/peeing! Sex feels better, and most importantly, I feel stronger and more confident and happier with my body. Emma is such an excellent teacher and her expertise has been instrumental in helping me find my new strength after 2 kids.

Amelia Travis

are you ready?


- Lifetime Access

- 12 Week Workout Calendar

- Video Workout Library

$247 One Time Payment


Are you someone who needs accountability to keep you on track?

You get everything from the self paced program PLUS:

+ 2 live group classes per week

+ replays

+ private accountability group

$97 Monthly Payment (3 month minimum commitment)


How soon after giving birth can I start this program?

You can start the breathing exercises as soon as you're home from the hospital.

The rest of the course I recommend waiting until you have clearance from your doctor:

C-section mammas is usually around 6 weeks.

Uncomplicated vaginal birth mammas can sometimes be as soon as 2-3 weeks.

But as always, go by what your doctor recommends for you personally

I have a diastasis recti (ab separation). Is this program safe?

Absolutely! I had a severe 4-finger diastasis myself, so I created this program as a way to heal my own diastasis. I was so pleased with the results after having spent 2 years doing other people's postpartum programs with little results, that I knew I had to create my own program. These workouts are the exact exercises i used to heal my own diastasis.

Having trained many postpartum women in person over the last few years, I realized that whether or not they have a diastasis, the pelvic floor naturally loses strength and tone as we age, so we all need this program!

I am 20 years postpartum. Will this program still be effective for me?

Yes! Just the same as it's never too late to train for stronger biceps, or more flexible hamstrings, it's never too late to start rewiring the core in this way!

Do I need any props or equipment for this program?

You can absolutely do this program with no props at all, but I highly recommend a few things in order to get the absolute most out of it. All are optional:

- theraband (a 3-pack of different weights is even better)

- booty band (although you can always tie a theraband into a loop instead)

- set of hand weights (again, a variety of different weights is even better)

- Pilates or barre ball (or kids soccer ball)

- yoga block (or a thick novel!)

- facebook access (to join the private community)

I've already tried several postpartum fitness programs and haven't seen the results I was looking for. How is this program different?

This program is unique for many reasons. Most importantly, this program focuses on reconnecting and rebuilding the core from the inside out. What many postpartum programs miss is just how unbelievably important the pelvic floor is to the entire rest of the core. So we work on building a very firm foundation deep within the core from which to build on, so that the house doesn't fall down!

I've also created monthly calendars that make it super easy to stay on track as everything is laid out for you in a way that is super easy to navigate.

And then each workout is a full follow-along video. Whilst the workouts are mix and match so that you can fit them in where you can, each one is filmed in full.

How long are the workouts?

Each video is 10-30 minutes long and have been designed so that you can mix and match depending on how much time you have and what you feel your body needs on any given day.

How do I know which workout to do each day?

Your workouts are all laid out for you over a 12 week calendar in 3 separate phases.

However, you are welcome to spend longer on a phase if you feel your body needs it. Some mammas just keep cycling through.

But the goal is to equip you will the tools you need so that you can navigate all of your other beloved workouts safely and with total confidence in your own core strength.

How long do I get access for?

Access is unlimited and never expires.

So if you want to repeat a phase because you feel like your body needs it, you can.

If you want to go through it again after the birth of another child, you can.

Or if you simply want to add some of the routines into your daily life forever, you absolutely can. That's what I do!


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