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For the majority of people, Kegels cause pelvic floor tightness. As does "picking up a blueberry with your vagina".

Backed by physical therapists, the technique you are about to learn will have you wondering why you hadn't learnt this sooner... (Trust me, I'm a Pilates instructor and I felt exactly the same way!)


Watch the first video to learn why your breath is the most important piece of the puzzle, why Kegels cause more harm than good, and what to do instead.


The second video is your 5 minute daily training where we'll implement various different techniques and finally have that "ah-ha" moment with your pelvic floor!

What does it do?

When done daily, these techniques will help you stop leaking when you sneeze, flatten your tummy, eliminate back pain, and lift heavy things without throwing your back out.


Single mom, IVF mamma, small business owner and "that pelvic floor girl". I was told I'd never get rid of my mommy-tummy or fix my severe diastasis without surgery. But I'm a Virgo so I take pride in proving people wrong!

I've been teaching Pilates for 12 years, but since having my daughter 7 years ago and experiencing severe diastasis among other postpartum symptoms, I've learnt from some of the country's best physical therapists on how to rehab the core and pelvic floor and how to incorporate strength training for incredible postpartum results - no matter how long ago you gave birth.

Prolapse, diastasis, spine surgery, incontinence, back pain, sciatica, mommy-tummy, you name it, I can help you!



"Change your pelvic floor, change your life."

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