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  • How to prevent leaking when you run jump or sneeze

  • How to start flattening your stubborn belly bulge
  • The first step in strengthening the foundation of your core so that you can reduce low back pain
  • How to protect your low back when you lift something heavy
  • How to reduce the risk of diastasis and prolapse
  • How to increase sexual sensation and orgasmic potential

What if I told you you COULD have a flatter tummy, a stronger core, less back pain, leak less and get back to doing all the things you love. Would you believe me?

The Pelvic Floor is the CORE of your core. It is the center from which everything else radiates out. The pelvic floor must function correctly in order for the rest of your core to work efficiently.

When your entire core is functioning efficiently, everything will feel easier. You will feel stronger, lift smarter, move with more ease, and notice a flatter, more ‘sucked in’ tummy.

Just a few minutes a day is all it takes. And I know we all have a few minutes to spare!

i'm emma bromley...

and 2 years after the birth of my daughter I still had a four finger diastasis (severe abdominal separation aka "Mummy Tummy"), two pregnancy related hernias, and a stubborn belly bulge that just would NOT go away no matter what I did.

The information out there was conflicting, so I went down a rabbit hole of research to find the most effective way to flatten your stomach after birth. The conclusion..? Training your core from the inside, out. Starting first with strengthening your Pelvic Floor (your deepest abdominal muscle), then strengthening your Transverse Abdominals (your wraparound abs and your most important ab muscle).

I’m going to show you how to breathe correctly in order to properly train your pelvic floor, how to engage AND relax your pelvic floor muscle for optimum function, and how to strengthen your transverse abdominals in just a few minutes a day without even having to roll out your mat.

When these elements are all working as they should, I promise you, you will notice a significant difference!

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, this quick daily routine is for you!

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Emma's pelvic floor work has been incredible. I had been working for about 18 months to heal DR when I first started her exercises. Within a week, I could engage my core at the belly button fully for the first time since early pregnancy! I was blown away! This pelvic floor work has been a miracle worker for me and i'm so grateful to Emma! 

Nicole Crangle

As a busy mom of three who's always on the go, I love how I can do Emma's pelvic floor exercises in my car in the pick up line. I seriously can't believe how sore my abs are with just a few minutes a day in the car. Thank you Emma.

Sarah Bonham

I just finished up with your 7 day pelvic floor challenge and I have to say I am completely blown away. I had no idea how weak my pelvic floor was. I'm more aware of engaging my abs when I pick up my son (I think i mist have been using my back before). This is truly a game changer. Thank you SO much!

Katherine Harper


Can I still do this if i'm pregnant?

Absolutely, and I highly recommend it. Learning to activate your pelvic floor, TA and diaphragm in this way will make an easier delivery significantly more likely

I've never had a child. Will this still be useful for me?

Yup. This is hugely useful for anyone with a pelvic floor (i.e. everyone)

I'm 20 years postpartum. Can I still train my pelvic floor?

Yup. Can you still train your glutes?! 🤷🏼‍♀️

Do I need any equipment?

I use a balloon in the demonstration and you are welcome to use one if you'd like, but you absolutely don't need to

Do I need to use pelvic floor weights?

It's entirely your preference but I personally don't like them. 1, they are a recipe for infection. And 2, you can absolutely get more than enough pelvic floor workout without them. They are gimmicky in my opinion.

Is this the same as Kegels?

Definitely not, and I never teach Kegels. The pelvic floor was never designed to function independently from the rest of the core. So if you've been doing Kegels and wondering why you still have some of the symptoms above, this is for YOU!

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